Some reviews received for Vera's performances:

"You did us all proud.  Those who couldn't make it tonight have missed out on a great nights entertainment.  Thank you".

(Peter Harrod, organiser of the On Parade Christmas party, Nov 2019).

"Your spirited performance was central to the success of the programme of events.  You deliver your songs with a sincerity and understanding that reflects your research into the 1940's period and music.  You have a talent for capturing the audiences imagination whether they are veterans, young children or anyone in between!  Thank you and we'll see you at next years event.  Highly recommended!"

(Roger Hutchins, organiser of the 1940's day at Mizens Railway, Sept 2019)

"Thank you for coming along, I could see the veterans singing along to the songs, it made the day complete".

(Sarah Stephenson, organiser of the 1940's military bake off for Armed Forces Day, Haig House, June 2019)

"Oh my goodness, I saw and heard you.  You were brilliant - even when it rained".

(JayJay via Twitter following performance at Southwick Village D Day Revival, June 2019)

"Seriously, thank you for coming and singing for us.  It was great, the audience felt part of it".

(Elizabeth, organiser of the VE day performance at St Andrews church, May 2019.)