December 2020:
Well, what a very strange year 2020 has been for us all!  I really hope 2021 is a better year all round.

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and a Healthy & Prosperous New Year.  Hope to see you all soon.

Thursday 3rd September 2020:
On this day in 1939 Neville Chamberlain declared over the wireless that 'Britain was at war with Germany'.  I absolutely cannot even begin to imagine how it must have felt to hear these words from the then British Prime Minister.  Here's hoping we will never have to know that feeling ever.

Thursday 20th August 2020:

ENSA memorial appeal

I am thrilled to learn that an ENSA memorial appeal has been set up with the goal of funding a memorial for the numerous entertainers who kept morale up during WW2.  To be sited at the National Memorial Arboretum near Lichfield.  For further information and to make a donation, please visit

Saturday 15th August 2020:

Happy vj day!

I would love to take this opportunity to wish everyone a very happy 75th VJ Day.  This year due to the Coronavirus pandemic events celebrating this important day in history will be different to what most of us had imagined.  However, I personally would love to say a massive thank you to all those who served during WW2, especially those that became known as 'the forgotten army'.  We will remember all sacrifices forever, you really will never be forgotten.

Friday 17th July 2020:

Arise Sir Tom!

It is with great pleasure to have seen the video of Captain Tom Moore being Knighted by the Queen herself today at Windsor Castle.  Fittingly, the sun shone down on this great man and I hope he had a wonderful time.  This country owes Sir Tom a great debt.  Congratulations Tom.

Friday 10th July 2020:

Battle of Britain 80th anniversary.

On this day 80 years ago, the largest scale by Nazi Germany's air force began.  It lasted from the 10th July 1940 - 31st October 1940 and was fought entirely by air forces.  To those who fought in this battle; thank you.  I can't begin to imagine what it must have been like, your sacrifices have helped to give us so much today.

Saturday 27th June 2020:

Happy Armed Forces Day!

Wishing everyone a very happy Armed Forces Day.  Like so much this year, celebrations are to be different than previous years BUT that doesn't mean we are any less grateful to all those that have served and continue to serve for this wonderful country of ours.

Thursday 18th June 2020:

RIP Dame Vera Lynn, 'the nations sweetheart'.

It is with great sadness to hear of the passing of the truly great and my biggest inspiration Dame Vera Lynn who has died today at the incredible age of 103.  'The forces sweetheart' made such an impact on so many people back in WW2 in all manners of different ways and it was wonderful that when she performed to the troops out in Burma she gave her payment to her pianist Len!  So glad she was around to see VE Day 75 be celebrated by the nation.  RIP Dame Vera, fly high with those bluebirds over the white cliffs of Dover.

Friday 8th May 2020:

Happy VE Day!

A very happy VE Day 75th anniversary to everyone celebrating over the three days of 'national celebration'.  Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, the main events have had to sadly be cancelled.  However, there are plenty of ways we can celebrate at home.  We will enjoy listening to Churchills speech today at 3PM swiftly followed by 'the nations toast'.  I am going to spend the day in my new Land Army uniform!  To everyone that served in whichever way in WW2; thank you.  Thank you for the sacrifices that were made to ensure we were victorious and are able to live the way we live today.  Your sacrifices will NEVER be forgotten.

Thursday April 30th 2020:

Happy 100th birthday Captain Tom Moore!

I know I speak with so many people when I wish this wonderful gentleman a very happy centenary birthday!  Not only a legend in WW2 but also a proven legend with his incredible efforts to raise over £30 million for our NHS at a time when our country needs help yet again.  A true inspiration, Captain, I hope you have the very merriest of birthdays and thank you for all your efforts for this wonderful country of ours.